Rustic Dime

Final Sale - Slim Straight Selvedge - Blue Denim

$ 69 $ 99.99
Denim heads unite! This 14.5 oz CONE MILL selvedge denim is woven on an American Draper x3 fly shuttle loom from the 1940s. Fabrics woven on these vintage looms contain a depth and dimension that is completely unique which gives these jeans a soft cotton-like feeling on the inside but great durability all year long.  Expect an understated high quality with these raw denim pants that are handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Cut in our best selling slim fit. Special Care Instructions:
Washing your jeans after a short period of wear will produce a more uniform color. The more you wear your jeans, the more they will form to your body and shape; creating a customized and personal pair of jeans. Wear as much as possible before washing and soaking. 

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