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Burger Coaster Set

Burger Coaster Set

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AN APPETIZING NOVELTY - No matter how you stack up these five coaster pieces, this burger coaster set will look as delicious as real food on your table! A creative novelty with a practical use, and a perfect gift for the kitchen table or dining room.

EASILY ABSORBS LIQUID - Made of wool felt, the coasters can easily absorb water well in case of any spills. When not in use, the two beechwood burger buns can hold the coasters securely in place.

FIVE UNIQUE COASTERS - Tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, and meat patty. Each coaster maintains a unique color and design, but is also simplistic enough to give the entire set a cohesive look.

DELICIOUSLY STACKABLE - Stack these coasters in any way on the bottom bun’s wooden pillar to create the perfect burger! Mix and match different design combinations, and they will be reliably held together.

FUN PACKAGING - Packaged in a cardboard fast food burger box, the container adds 'trompe l'oeil' fun to the burger coaster set.

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