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Family Fun Science Night - Magic

Family Fun Science Night - Magic

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The whole family will do a little magic, learn some cool science, and have loads of fun! 

What could be more fun than putting the whole family’s scientific minds to work than with a Family Fun Science Night? It’s a night(s) for the family to gather together and experiment with cool science concepts that will amaze everyone! It’s hands-on learning fun and family togetherness all in one! 

Nearly every magic trick has a close connection to science.

Magicians are experts in combining science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to create amazing illusions that misdirect the mind and fool our senses. Now, it’s your turn and we know that you are anxious to get started! But don’t forget to get everyone involved and take turns leading the magical, science night activities. Take a look through the activities below and have a little family voting time to see which activity will be first. 

JELLY MARBLE MAGIC – Amaze your family with learning that “grows” minute by minute. 

MAGIC ARCS ILLUSION – An age-old illusion to play tricks on your brain! 

DISAPPEARING WATER MAGIC – Turn water from a liquid into solid instantly! 

WHERE’S THE WATER? GAME – Tap into your inner magician and really impress your family as a cup of water seemingly vanishes. 

MAGNIFICENT MARBLE DIG – Have fun with a two-night activity that your family will really “dig!” 

MAGIC DUST  – Turn a solid into a liquid with a little “magic” dust. 

ROOT BEER GENIE – Awaken a magical genie within an ordinary root beer bottle and watch as he obeys your commands! 

MATH MAGIC MINDREADING – Use those math skills to predict exactly what the entire audience is thinking.

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