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Magnetic Notebook

Magnetic Notebook

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Premium Hard Cover Notebook

This brilliant design blends paper's flow and permanence with digital's flexibility. It looks and feels like the high-quality hardcover notebooks favored by thinky types in coffee shops, with one mind-blowing difference: the pages are "bound" to a magnetic spine, so you can pull them out and put them back in anywhere you like.

That means all your sporadic notes about cats, donuts, and existence can be totally organized—and 100% unavailable to the hackers who just loved your old online diary. Vegan leather binding. 55 sheets/110 pages (refills, too). 


iron, rare earth magnets, vegan leather


8" L x 5.5” W; 55 sheets


This product contains magnets. Safe near most electronic devices. Always research your specific device regarding using this product in close proximity.

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