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Playin' Possum

Playin' Possum

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Can you sniff out the thieves without getting caught yourself?

Each round, players play one of their cards face down, then it's time to let your suspicions fester...

Before the cards are flipped over, everyone has to accuse another player of stealing garbage. Then, it's time to flip over all the cards and reveal the truth.

If you're accused, and you DID play a garbage-stealing card, you're out. If you accuse someone, and they DIDN'T play a garbage-stealing card, you're out.

But, if you somehow manage to play a garbage-stealing card and NOT be accused, you get to collect some garbage from the can!

Do you have the luck and sneakiness to collect three garbage cards first? Put your trash-thief skills to the test with the game of Playin Possum!

Playin Possum
  • Game of sniffing out thieves while avoiding detection yourself
  • Encourages communication skills, family bonding
  • Players play action cards face down, then accuse each other of stealing trash
  • If accused but didn't steal, accuser is out of the game
  • If accused and did steal, you're out of the game
  • If you steal trash and aren't accused, you get to collect a trash card
  • If you're the last player remaining or the first to collect 3 trash cards, you win!
  • Includes 30 linen-finish Possum Cards, 25 linen-finish Garbage Cards, plastic trashcan storage container
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Up to 10 players - Great for parties!
  • Quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay
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