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Anti-slip Stick

Anti-slip Stick

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The new and improved Nerdwax is now easier to apply!

This thinner, slant-tipped container provides ease of application once only dreamed of!

The Nerdwax Anti-Slip Stick contains a beeswax-based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life. 

It works by creating a layer of friction between your glasses and your skin. So it doesn't matter what type of glasses you have, as long as they fit properly nerdwax will keep them in place! It's also super easy to apply: Simply rub nerdwax on the nose pads of your favorite specs or sunnies and enjoy slip free bliss.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to using only the best All-Natural, Cosmetic Grade Ingredients.

We use Certified Organic and Sustainably Sourced products whenever possible.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Gum Rosin

WARNING: Do not use if you experience allergic reactions to Band-aids, Medical or Fashion tape.

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