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Fa La La La La 1000pc Puzzle

Fa La La La La 1000pc Puzzle

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What could be better than hundreds* of detailed vintage ornaments? A non-breakable illustration of them. Harken back to a time when Christmas meant yule logs, chestnuts roasting over an open fire, and hundreds of other traditions that make absolutely no sense anymore. You can put together this 1000 piece puzzle by Brass Monkey while you try to figure what exactly a 'figgy pudding' is.

*Full disclosure: we didn't count them. There's a lot.

  • 1000 piece rectangular puzzle.
  • Features a vintage illustration of ornaments done by someone way more talented than us.
  • Completed puzzle measures 27" wide by 20" tall.
  • Box measures 10.6" wide by 8.5" tall (and 2" thick btw).
  • Minimal puzzle dust. Your human dust is your problem, though.
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