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Ferromagnetic Fluid

Ferromagnetic Fluid

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The ferromagnetic fluid allows you to get a visual representation of the usually invisible magnetic fields that surround any ordinary magnet - it's truly fascinating to see and will "attract" the attention older kids and even adults Wave the magnet up and down the sides of the test tube or bring it close, then pull it away and watch the nanomagnets line up and wave around as if by magic Of course, it's not really magic, it's science Ferromagnetic technology is used in all kinds of modern applications including speaker technology and in medical science in the form of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). So, you can see how this ferromagnetic fluid kit could be a useful introduction into a future career for budding sound engineers or medical personnel.

Warning: make sure to use caution with magnets around young children and pets. This item is recommended for children and adults over the age of 14.

Product Specifications: Includes magnetic particles, magnet and test tube Recommended for age 14+ Keep out of the reach of young children and pets.

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