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Final Sale - Fidgety Magnet Slide

Final Sale - Fidgety Magnet Slide

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A new, addicting fidget toy now at your fingertips. Introducing the new Fidgety Slide Magnet Toy. Its magnetic pull will lure you in with its satisfying silent slide. Each half of these mini fidgety toys come with small hidden magnets that are perfect for keeping your hands busy. Its small size is perfect to take anywhere on the go! Fun Fidget toy with magnetic sensation.

  • WARNING! Small parts, choking hazard Not for children for ages 8 & under
  • Adult supervision is encouraged for young children
  • Swallowed Magnets can stick across intestines causing serious injury and/or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swalled or inhaled
  • Do not put small parts in nose or mouth. Do not peel or attempt to remove magnets. 
  • If magnets become exposed please discard.  

***Design shipped at random.***

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