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Geode Pyramid - Quartz

Geode Pyramid - Quartz

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On-the-desk or on-the-go, Geode is the perfect fidget desk toy. Each set includes either 12 pentagons or 12 triangles that align and snap into place perfectly every time. Combine colors and shapes for bigger builds and more fun!

Triangle Set:

- 12 plastic pentagons

- 72 neodymium rare earth magnets

Can I combine the sphere and pyramid Geode sets?

Yes! Both sets are designed to work together for even more satisfying, geometric builds.


Swallowed magnets can damage internal organs and have resulted in DEATH and SERIOUS INJURIES.

 Keep away from ALL children.

• Be aware of dropped or separated magnets.

• NEVER put near mouth or nose.

Seek prompt medical attention if you think magnet(s) have been swallowed or inhaled.

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