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Project Genius

Grecian Trick Lock

Grecian Trick Lock

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For over 6000 years, humans have used some form of lock to secure their goods from would be thieves and malcontents. The most common lock is the padlock or ‘Warded Lock’ and is credited to famed Greek Inventor and sculptor Theodorus of Samos.

Theodorus is known for his work in bronze casting and development of tools such as the lathe, the key, the level and more. It is said that Theodorus invented a lock so challenging, not even the most skilled thieves of the time could crack it. Inspired by this very lock, now you can try to find the secret to opening the Grecian Trick Lock.

Goal:  Find out how to unlock the Grecian Trick Lock using only the tools provided.

Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
Type of Game: Brain Teaser
Number of Players: 1
Includes: Metal Lock and Metal Key
Material: Metal
Created By: Project Genius

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