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Itty Bitty Trophies - Bag of 8

Itty Bitty Trophies - Bag of 8

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Bag of eight Itty Bitty Trophies
1-1/4" tall, soft vinyl
First and second place
Does not include a miniature trophy case

Itty Bitty Trophies are for winners of all sizes and abilities. While we appreciate the things other people do for us, not everything is worthy of a full-size trophy. These eight Itty Bitty Trophies are for those moments when you want to award someone for something small, like picking up your laundry at the dry cleaner or just being there for you on a bad day. These 1-1/4" tall, soft vinyl trophies come in two different colors (gold and silver). Can be used in a sarcastic or heartfelt way, depending on your mood.
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