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Kanye News Game

Kanye News Game

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It sounds like a simple quiz game. Listen to the quote and decide if it’s real or fake. But hold up, this is KanYeezy we’re talking about. And that’s what makes the Kanye News Game harder than being elected president.

For this biblical true or false quiz game, we’ve collected quotes from Kanye West’s Twitter, his interviews and his lyrics. A proud non reader of books he prefers the spoken word. Which made it difficult to decide what quotes to leave in and what quotes to leave out.

Players take turns to listen to a quote and attempt to work out whether it’s real or not (it’s a yes or no game, so it shouldn’t take too long). “Jesus had 12 disciples. I’ve got 28 million,” is one such example. Surely no one would have the balls to say something that egotistical…

If the player gets it right, they keep the card as a way of keeping score. If not, it gets discarded. After all the quotes have been read out, players count their cards. And much like record sales (sceptical emoji), the one with the most is the best. They get to take home the “W”.

Be warned, though: if you cheat or win by any other means other than merit, Yeezy might show up and say that Beyoncé deserved it more, traumatising you for the rest of your life.

So that’s it - The Kanye News Game. It’s a true or false quiz game that’ll have you despairing that you were unable to get more correct answers. And that Kanye will never get to see himself perform live.

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