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Mini Crystal Bracelet Assortment

Mini Crystal Bracelet Assortment

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These beautiful, genuine mini crystal bead bracelets come on small backer cards that make them perfect for gift giving!

There are 8 styles of 4mm colorful beads on elastic cord, with crystal properties noted on the front of the cards, to select from. These bracelets are stackable – perfect for wearing a few at a time or paired with any other bracelets.

How to wear with intention: stack bracelets on the left wrist to receive the crystal energy, and stack on the right wrist to express crystal energy!

  • Labradorite: ease & harmony.
  • Red jasper: insight & stability.
  • Rose quartz: calmness & self-love.
  • Tiger eye: clarity & connection.
  • Moss agate: strength & prosperity.
  • Snowflake obsidian: grounding & serenity.
  • Sodalite: balance & self-trust.
  • Amazonite: boundaries & truth.

7.5" circumference.

***style ships at random***

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