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Plop Drop

Plop Drop

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A party game that even pleases the party poopers – Plop Drop is the hilariously distasteful party game for those who love a bit of toilet humour ! A tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud party game that gets everyone involved in the fun, Plop Drop brings people together in a gross-out racing game.

Suitable for 2 or more players (ideally playing in teams) Plop Drop involves players running the length of the room with the smiling steamers between their legs, before dropping them off in the toilet targets – so see how quickly you can drop off your parcels and leave your opponent lagging behind. Featuring 4 x poo style beanbags and 4 x toilet targets, Plop Drop is the foul looking, unsophisticated (though thankfully, non-smelling !) party game for kids and grown ups who should know better!

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Recommended for ages six and above.

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