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Prisma Multi Photo Picture Frame - Matte Brass

Prisma Multi Photo Picture Frame - Matte Brass

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Turn your unframed photos and mementos into a work of art. These modern peel-and-stick photo display clips were designed to make updating favourite photos- prints and other mementos easy while adding style to any room in the house. Modern Peel-And-Stick Photo Display - Phantom is a Set of 6 Peel-And-Stick Wire and Steel-Plated Photo Clips that Display Unframed Photos and Memos Effectively without Damaging Them. a Great Alternative to Tacking or Taping Unframed Images to the Wall. Add Multi-Dimensional Flair to your Photo Display - These Gentle Hook-Shaped Metallic Metal Clips Come in Matte Brass or Chrome; Each Pack has Hooks of Three Varying Depths- Helping Photos Standout without Being Framed.


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