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Recent Toys Icosoku

Recent Toys Icosoku

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Made for true brain teaser lovers, Recent Toys’ IcoSoku is a puzzle ball the likes of which have never been seen. The number buttons have so many combinations that there is a new puzzle to solve every time!

How to play

    • 1. Remove all 20 tiles and place the yellow pegs anywhere on the puzzle ball.
    • 2. Snap the white tiles on the brain teaser around the yellow pegs so that the sum of the dots around a peg equals the number shown.
    • 3. IcoSoku can be solved regardless of how the yellow pegs are arranged. Just reposition to play again.

Recent Toys was put on the map in 2001 with the invention of the Brainstring by puzzle master Guido Lap. Since then, the company has specialized in producing entertaining, durable and unique brain teasers and puzzles for all ages and skill levels. Try one out today and get baffled!

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