Play Visions

Sloflo Bucket

$ 16.99

Introducing SloFlo™, a new compound that comes to life when you play with it! Compress it into any shape – a ball, mountain, square, any shape at all – and it slowly separates and starts to "flo" like magic. Almost looks like there is something alive inside of it! You have to see and feel it to believe it! The SloFlo Bucketcontains 200 grams of material (about 7 ounces).


Best for ages 5+ years

  • You can shape it, mold it, pack it, stretch it, and watch it "flo".
  • It's a diverse sensory experience that's both thrilling for the senses and calming for the mind.
  • From the same company that brought us Floof™, Play Dirt and Sands Alive!™.
  • Encourages tactile learning, sensory exploration, creativity and imaginative play.
  • Awards: ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award Finalist – Arts & Crafts: Under 7 Category.
  • Not suitable for children under age 3 years!
  • Assorted colors (color picked at random when shipped).


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