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Suck It and See

Suck It and See

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Add an air of mystery and excitement to your next party with this super-fun drinking game - Suck It And See. Pour four different drinks into the different compartments, roll the dice, and see which one you have to suck! This game includes a plastic cup that has four compartments. These are designed to be filled with whatever beverages you want. Choose something nice or horrible, it’s up to you. You then place on the lid, and insert the four different coloured, reusable drinking straws. These straws all match corresponding sides of the dice. Your group then takes it in turns to roll the dice, before taking a nice big sip of whichever straw they land on. Perfect for use at your next party, the Suck It and See drinking game is super-fun, and because you choose the drinks, you can make each game different. The drinking range from Paladone is filled with cracking, light hearted products that are designed to make your next drink that bit more fun! This bright, varied range of products includes items that are perfect for use at parties and music festivals.

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