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The Amazing Squishy Brain

The Amazing Squishy Brain

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Poke, prod, and learn all about the most mysterious organ in the universe!

Amazingly detailed and anatomically correct, this fascinating model of the human brain gives future neurosurgeons a uniquely hands-on learning experience they'll be thrilled to explore again and again.

Open up the included brain book and learn about each part of the brain as you fit the pieces together inside the skull.

Meanwhile - the best part! - the brain pieces and the eyeballs are actually squishy! - It doesn't just look like a real brain inside a real skull, it FEELS like it, too!

Experience the wonders of your own mind with the Amazing Squishy Brain.

The Amazing Squishy Brain
  • Model of the human skull and brain featuring realistic textures
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, an interest in science and human anatomy
  • Brain and eyes made from squishy material for a fascinatingly realistic experience
  • Features moving jaw
  • Follow along with Brain Book to learn about the different parts of the brain
  • Includes 8 squishy brain parts, 2 squishy eyeballs, 8-piece anatomically correct transparent skull model and base, 4 vertebrae pieces with spinal cord, forceps, scalpel, tweezers
  • Brain book and instructions included
  • High quality materials - Exceptional explore-and-learn experience
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