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The Empathy Game

The Empathy Game

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Empathy fuels connections between people.

But, what’s a real connection in the digital age? When do we still sit down, actively listen and engage with each other’s stories? The Empathy Game is a playful way to dive deeper with friends, family, or colleagues.

The game is simple. You pick a card and tell your story, from the everyday to the fantastic. Afterwards the listeners engage with your story by throwing the dice and exploring elements of their human experience.

The Empathy Game encourages sharing, listening and engaging with our fellow humans. It’s the active act of recognition and vulnerability that brings us closer together, and what could be better than that?

Saskia H. Herrmann is a service designer, researcher, and coach. She explores the intersections between technology, science and society to facilitate innovation for good.

Saskia designs products and services to connect people and create equal opportunities. Her research focuses on empathy and collaboration, as well as on diversity and inclusion. She coaches students, professionals and executives, sharing her own explorations and learnings.

Jorik Elferink is a process designer, facilitator and co-founder at unfold. He focusses on collaboration, team dynamics and the creative process. 

He works to make organisations more human and sustainable by putting planet before profit. He is driven by connection—a connection with yourself, with each other and with the planet. He designs and facilitates processes and learning methods that bring people closer together and inspire new ways of thinking and working. This leads to new and innovative ideas for the challenges of today, and the future.


“The Empathy Game connects us to the core of the human experience: listening, tuning into each other’s worlds, and imagining the surreal.”

- Carola Verschoor, Innovation Expert and Author of “Change Ahead”

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