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Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade

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Trying to find fun card games for multiple players? Or searching for fresh ideas for party games for adults? Then look no further…

Throwing Shade is the hilariously insulting party game for up to 6 players that rewards you for being horrible to your friends. It’s a mean modern take on a “Who’s most likely to” card game. For friends, there’s no better way to show your love than with an insult.

Cards contain salty insults and your task is to use them in combinations of 3 to create weapons-grade shade that’ll have your victims running for cover.

Your friends have then gotta match the shade with the person with a vote. If they do, you score points. Score the most points, win the game… and the title of Shadiest of the Shady.

If you’re looking for card games with 3 players or more that enable you to be mean to your mates within the confines of a “recreational activity”, Throwing Shade is all you need. Throw it in your basket today and you’ll get free shipping!

Warning: This is intended as a fun game to play with your friends. Remember, your friends are the family you choose. So it’s important to live, laugh and love once the game is done.
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