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Trump News Game

Trump News Game

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It sounds like a simple quiz game. Listen to the quote and decide if it’s real or fake. But hold up, this is The Donald Trump we’re talking about. And that’s what makes the Trump News Card Game harder than rigging an election.

For this ludicrous true or false quiz game, we’ve collected quotes from Donald Trump’s Twitter, his press conferences and his locker room conversations. Seriously, you won't believe what we found. In fact, it was incredibly difficult to make up quotes that equalled the real ones in terms of ridiculousness.

Players take turns to listen to a quote and attempt to work out whether it’s real or not (it’s a yes or no game, so it shouldn’t take too long). “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke,” is one such example. Sounds too stupid for the President of the United States to say, doesn’t it?

If the player gets it right, they keep the card as a way of keeping score. If not, it gets discarded. After all the quotes have been read out, players count their cards. And much like votes in the US Presidential election 🤔, the one with the most is the winner.

Be warned, though: there must be no collusion when answering questions. Not with Russia. And especially not with China. Answers must be your own.

So that’s it - The Trump News Game. It’s a true or false quiz game that’ll have you despairing that you were unable to get more correct answers. And that this man was US president for 4 years!

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