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Umbrella Samurai

Umbrella Samurai

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Stay dry and seek justice against downpours and showers with Umbrella Samurai! With an Umbrella Samurai, you're always protected from the slings and arrows that wet weather brings, and when skies clear, Umbrella Samurai slips into a sturdy, Ninja-style cover. All materials are safe to the touch, B-P-A free, and completely portable. You're protected wet weather worries with Umbrella Samurai!

Fiberglass, pongee and B-P-A free material make Umbrella Samurai safe to handle, and Umbrella Samurai's shoulder strap and carrying sheath make it easy to always have your rainy day armor on hand!

The time has come to defend your outfit with the UMBRELLA SAMURAI, the ultimate weapon to defeat the rain while looking as stylish as a gentleman! Unleash your inner warrior and release the umbrella with the touch of a button, the perfect way to battle the rain. Designed for those who like to stay dry, this is the ultimate gift for budding warriors.

Designed By: Materious
Dimensions: W-39" H-41" L-"
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