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US Army Lightning Division Beanie

US Army Lightning Division Beanie

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This one of a kind beanie was made just for you :)

U.S. Army 78th Infantry Insignia patch sewn on a black fisherman beanie.

"This original drawing on a Warner Bros. animation sheet of a fighting bee poised to hurl a lightning bolt from the pouch slung over his shoulder was created by Warner Bros. Studio animation director Robert McKimson. Artists at the major American cartoon studios created designs for the insignia for units of the American armed forces; this lively drawing is attributed to Mr. McKimson, an animator who became one of WB's leading cartoon directors in 1944.

For an unknown reason the actual shoulder patch inspired by this drawing and worn on the uniforms of men in the U.S. Army's 78th Infantry "Lightning" Division utilized only the lightning bolt on a red background in a half-circle."

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